About Us

Mink Little specializes in natural hair care. She started venturing off into the hair world at the age of 8 years old. Mink Little is  a Detroit native and proud founder of Mink Little the self named All natural haircare line. Established in 2014 after noticing the lack of growth and overall damaged brittle hair of her daughter. Mink set out to find a solution. After a year of trial and error the brand/products where formed. Elevating the haircare world as we know it. Produced, packaged and shipped out of her home in Georgia. Mink Little the mother of three launched her salon in 2018 after years of building her brand. She owns and operates a four thosand square foot salon in the heart of Georgia. Inspiring people from all walks of life that their hair is their confidence. Paving the way through positive out reach and a nurturing professional kid friendly atmosphere.