PLEASE READ BELOW BEFORE BOOKING (deposit is non refundable)
Mink Little is The Owner of Award Winning Mink Little Salon and Mink Little All Natural Hair Care company. She is  a Natural Hairstylist with over 20 years experience. Her goal is to maintain the health of your hair while having unique protective styles. She services her clients at the Mink Little hair salon located at 2536 Metropolitan Pkwy SW in Atlanta, Georgia. Below you will find pricing and available dates. Each appointment requires a non-refundable deposit that is applied to the balance at the time of your appointment. If you miss your appointment or cancel at any time, the deposit will not be applied to future appointments. 
*Booking dates are updated every 1st of each month at noon.

*To inquire about a style, please contact Mink Little for exact pricing and how much hair you will need if you need any. 
call or text>>>313-570-6370

*Booking with hair shorter than 4 inches requires an additional fee. (please Reach out before booking if your hair is shorter than 4 inches)
*If you are interested in feed ins two layers or more or knotless braids please book for two appointments back to back meaning your deposit will be $100 (feedin styles two layers or more/knotless braids are time consuming)

PLEASE BE MINDFUL THAT YOU ARE GETTING BRAIDS AND THE PERSON BEFORE YOU WILL BE GETTING BRAIDS ALSO.  If Mink Little is running behind on your appointment time and you choose not to wait your deposit will not be refunded.
*The age range for children is 5 and up. 
*Mink Little does not service tender headed children, crying children, children that move or need a phone, tablet, snacks etc to sit still. 

*The BALANCE IS DUE UPFRONT FOR CHILDREN ( If Mink Little is unable to complete service due to moving or crying you will forfeit the entire balance). 

Please text a picture of the exact style you want to get quoted the correct price.
* Kids Braids without weave> starting $125
*Kids jumbo feed ins >$150
*Kid small feed in braids to the side > $250
*Kid tribal feed ins>$250 and up
Pricing for children’s styles are for mid back only. Longer length requires additional pricing. 
*Size Large $200 and up
*Size Medium $325 and up
*Size Small $500 and up
* One layer feed ins> $275
*Adult feed in braids to the side>$300 and  up
*small braids feed in ponytail> $400 and  up (book two appointments back to back. deposit fee is $100)
*low feed in ponytail $350 and up (book two appointments back to back. deposit fee is $100)
* Feed ins at the top and individuals in the back < $450 and up (book two appointments back to back deposit fee is $100)
* Tribal braids feed in two layer< $500 and up (book two appointments back to back deposit fee is $100)
*Big feed ins $25 per braid
*Men Braids  > $85and up (please call for an appointment do not make a deposit)
*Wash and blow dry > $25
*Take down> $25and up